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A 4-minute montage of the 31 times Donald Trump interrupted Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate. In two days, the video reached over one million views and 9,000+ shares on The Rachel Maddow Show's Facebook page.


A sampling of digital videos Celeste produced for Getty Images, creating narrative content that brought Getty Images' contemporary and archival assets to life. 

A historical look back at the #WomenWearWhite movement and the suffragettes who started it all



Pride: Out of the Closet, Into the Streets



The Image Russia Doesn't Want You to See

Behind the Film: Hondros

An interview with the creator of the documentary Hondros ahead of its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival

10 Times Salvador Dalí Kept It Surreal 

Remembering the LA Riots, 25 years later


A sampling of segements Celeste produced for Nerding Out, a digital show hosted by Dorian Warren, on MSNBC's now-defunct digital platform Shift.

Fighting LGBTQ Youth Homelessness

Dorian Warren talks with the Nation's Kai Wright and attorney Raul Reyes about how the LGBTQ movement can channel resources to fight the growing problem of LGBTQ homelessness in the wake of the Supreme Court's marriage equality decision.

America’s Fraught History with Puerto Rico


Dorian Warren talks with Nelson Denis about how America’s colonial history in Puerto Rico is reflected in its current political and economic crises.

Who Gets Left Out of the Labor Movement?

Dorian Warren, Caroline Fredrickson and Sarah Jaffe talk about the ways women and people of color have historically been left out of laws that protect American workers and how to make sure that it does not happen in the future. 

Criminalizing Black Joy in McKinney, Texas

Dorian Warren discusses what the police incident in McKinney, Texas says about the criminalization of joy in America. He's joined by the Huffington Post's Zeba Blay, Color of Change's Rashad Robinson and Million Hoodies' Dante Barry.










Dog Whistle Politics Are Reinventing Racism

Author Ian Haney-López explains why dog whistling in politics is reinventing racism as presidential hopefuls send messages inaudible on one level and clearly heard on another.  










The Future of the LGBTQ Movement

Dorian Warren talks with Kai Wright, Raul Reyes and Cherno Biko about the future of the LGBTQ as a cohesive movement. 

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